What is Radja Conti all about?

Radja Conti is a brand born out of the collaboration between two friends with extensive experience in art and interior design. It aims to represent both industries at their finest by creating unique, handcrafted, and beautifully designed products for homes.

Where is Radja Conti located?

Radja Conti’s office is located at Office 225-045, Smartplace business center, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE, PO box 342044.

How can I contact Radja Conti?

You can contact Radja Conti through email at info@radjaconti.com. You can also find them on Instagram with the handle @radjaconti.

What products does Radja Conti offer?

Radja Conti offers a range of products that combine functionality and aesthetics, crafted by skilled artisans in Italy. These products include items related to interior design and art.

What are the conditions of sale for Radja Conti products?

Radja Conti’s conditions of sale include information about shipping, payment terms, cancellations, returns, pricing, warranty, and transit damage claims. These conditions are detailed in the provided text.

How can I make a warranty claim for a Radja Conti product?

To make a warranty claim, you need to contact Radja Conti in writing. Retain your dated receipt or proof of purchase indicating item style and description, as it will be required when submitting a claim.

What does Radja Conti's limited warranty cover?

Radja Conti’s limited warranty covers products and parts against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of purchase, when used under “ordinary residential use” conditions.

Where can I find more information about Radja Conti's products and warranty?

For more information about Radja Conti’s products and warranty, you can visit their website at www.radjaconti.com. Additionally, you can contact them via email or social media for specific inquiries.